Crps Rsd

RSD is short for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It is also known as CRPS or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. RSD or CRPS is a chronic pain condition that some feel is the result of the nervous system malfunctioning while others feel it is the result of the triggering of an immune system response. Which part of the nervous system malfunctions is not for sure, but most feel the peripheral nervous system is involved. I have had RSD since 1994 when I sustained an injury to my left foot. I knew something was wrong when my pain kept increasing as time went on instead of getting better. The pain was way out of proportion to the injury I sustained. As with most people, it took time to be diagnosed. My original doctor thought RSD / CRPS right away and referred me to an orthopedic doctor who disagreed. As time went on, I got worse and ended up wearing a compression stocking and using a cane. After 6-7 months, the orthopedic doctor finally told me he changed his mind and thinks it is RSD and said he couldn't help me. My first trip was to the medical library; back in 1994 the Internet isn't what it is now. After researching what they had on RSD or CRPS I found a pain specialist and began treatment. I had 7 lumbar sacral blocks and a left lumbar sympathectomy and lots of physical therapy. Even after all of that I still had a considerable amount of pain.

Years passed and although I finally made it walking without a cane, my quality of life just wasn't there. The pain on a good day was bad, on a not so good day I wondered if I would be walking in ten years, and on a bad day I didn't care if I was here in 10 years. My husband always searched the Internet and medical databases and I was always asking about something new and the options left out there were few and far between. The only option back in the early 2000's was for an implanted spinal cord stimulator. I hadn't read anything that made me feel that a low frequency treatment or a low frequency electrical treatment provided by the spinal cord stimulator implanted internally was any more effective than those applied externally. I also felt that I had enough scar tissue in my back from the lumbar sympathetic blocks. I also felt that the data I had read about the success of the spinal cord stimulator was not very favorable.

I kept on going and one day when I was at a marketing function for my husband's business, I met a man selling the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. He did a demonstration and I was afraid to try it in public so he was nice enough to let me try the Chi Machine at home. Well the rest is history, I was amazed at the influence the Chi Machine had in managing my chronic pain and I was humbled at how much the quality of my life improved. Today I continue to share the Chi Machine with others and hope by doing so; it has a positive impact in their life.