Elliptical Machines Can Help Lose Pregnancy Weight

So you have just given birth to your newly born boy or girl and the last thing on your mind is, "how am i going to get back into shape again?" Whether it is your first born or you have experienced child birth before, you will know that every moment of the day and night will be spent tending to your new bundle of joy. In those first few weeks, even months you will have likely experienced a great deal of fatigue and will not be ready or have the motivation to begin exercising again. Only you will know and depending on the birthing method you used to give birth, only you will be able to tell if your body is ready for aerobic exercise. Always consult your doctor before you begin your new workout routine.

When the time finally comes and you want to feel good about your body again, the best investment you can make is in an elliptical machine. Your body will still be fragile but with the low impact cardio workout that elliptical machines provide, you can begin on a light intensity workout plan and slowly build on this until you are ready for high intensity workouts.

You know yourself that you will not be able to plan your workouts. The joy of owning an elliptical machine in your home is that when your new born is asleep or hubby is there to take over, you can make use of this time. The likelihood is that your child may need your attention but at least you are present to tend to their needs immediately and you can still feel good that you have targeted those wobbly bits and burnt those calories.

In comparison to treadmills, elliptical machines have a lot more to offer. The smooth oscillating motion of the dual action handles and foot pedals is not only easier on the body but it works the upper and lower body. In essence you are benefiting from a complete body workout and with the ability to reverse the motion, different muscles are targeted.

Working out at home on elliptical machines could not come at a better time for women carrying pregnancy weight. Given time to let your body heal from the birth, with the complete body workout and effective calorie burn that your elliptical machine will provide, you will be well on your way to obtaining that toned yummy mummy body.

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